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An ‘Honest’ Story

Part of a story I recently wrote; after reading this small part (can’t share anything more, you can fill in the blanks yourself and judge), would you go for this book/movie?


“My honesty is not dependent upon you – not on whether you give me enough space, not on whether you create good enough environment for me to speak the truth, not whether you are in the loving mode  sometimes or in the revenge mode most of the times, not on the painful situations you create, not on your anger, your provocations, your backstabbing, your manipulations, your mental torture, your politics, your cheating, your lying or your dishonesty…not even on your goodness, your charm, your smile, your soft spoken words or those golden moments.

My honesty is dependent only upon me as I refuse to let my integrity be your football you can play with. I am honest and will be honest come what may. And yes, I used to before but now I refuse to give explanations on my unconditional honesty as well as refuse to listen to rationalizations to your conditional dishonesty. Those who blame others or situations for their mistakes and sins, never get rid of them; if they do, it is only temporary and they all come back and with a bigger bang back into their lives. Though I rarely lie, whenever I do, I and only I am responsible for them, unconditionally, apologetically and shamefully. It is part of my weakness and I deal with it head-on rather than blaming situations, those ‘moments’ or you for it which is so damn easy. You cannot see that I also can blame you exactly the way you do for what you have done to me. You cannot see it because you yourself don’t do it – you never take responsibility, it is always me or someone else or situations or God or destiny though deep within you also know that it is you who should be taking the onus just like I do.

I believe that the greatest of qualities that human beings have had, have always erupted from a basic quality called ‘honesty’. Those who do not have it, die a statistic. And I refuse to be a statistic. It is so simple yet so powerful to be honest, try being so at least with your loved ones if not with strangers. Suddenly the heaviness that you carried since you can remember, will just vanish and the world in a moment will become so beautiful. Yes, it is pretty difficult to be completely honest all the time but trying your best to walk the path of truth is what counts – if you walk, and keep walking, you will definitely reach there one day. Even if you don’t find the ultimate truth, you’ll be miles ahead of those who did not even choose the path of truth. Above all, you’ll be more and more peaceful day after day and that is priceless, absolutely priceless.

You’re, like all others, at the innermost core of yourself, completely untainted and pure – reach out for it, at least try! Be honest, seek truth – I strongly believe that truth liberates, always! Stay liberated, stay blessed and keep rising!”

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