Long before entering IIT Delhi to do his engineering, Ashish was deeply inclined towards Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English and Psychology. He took Psychology as one of the humanities courses at IIT, but he had always been reading books and articles on it since childhood. In his Xth board exams, he became the 1st ranker of his convent school, De Nobili School Mugma, by getting highest marks in Science, Mathematics, English and History/Civics/Geography. Being from a highly educated and disciplined family, he also loved reading self-help books on discipline, time management, work management, success, leadership etc. His inclination towards holistic health and healing made him delve deeper and change his and others’ lives forever.

Yoga - 23 Years

Ashish’s parents were trained from one of the most authentic and oldest Yoga institutes – Bihar School of Yoga. Ashish got himself trained in Yoga in May 2000 from an authentic centre. That was the beginning of his seeking answers to deeper questions in life. Yoga has 8 parts called “Ashtang” and Ashish has been regularly doing 3 parts of it for over 22 years now – Asanas, Pranayamas and Dhyana. Asanas, or various bodily postures, are primarily for physical fitness. Pranayamas, or breathing exercises, are primarily for mental health. Dhyana or Meditation is primarily for spiritual growth. It is not so compartmentalised as such, but these are the primary benefits.

Holistic Approach

Ashish, through his holistic approach, has completely cured quite a few medical ailments that are generally considered incurable in medical science. While pursuing his engineering degree at IIT Delhi, he had breathlessness issues sometimes which he used to manage by consuming cough syrup. Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. After a point, it became impossible for him to breathe or sleep at night. He had to put a lot of pillows so that he had his upper body a little up, otherwise when he lied down, it was impossible to breathe.

Incurable Asthma

He was diagnosed with asthma in 2006 and was advised by the best of the best doctors to take inhalers daily – 2 puffs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening. He was told clearly that inhalers need to be used all his life because his asthma could be managed, but never cured. Heard that before? Yes, the doctors were right as per medical science, but he continued researching to find that alternative therapies could heal his disease from the source and not just manage the symptoms. Along with taking inhalers whenever needed for symptomatic relief, he practised these therapies every single day.

Helping People Heal

Eventually, he cured my severe, chronic and so-called incurable asthma completely, not needing any usage of inhalers or any other medication. Then he started helping thousands of people from different countries such as India, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Japan and many more. Most of them were extremely pained physically and stressed mentally, and some were almost suicidal, all because of this terrible disease. He helped them cure their asthma either completely or significantly, and lead a happy and healthy life. The emotional messages from thousands expressing their thanks for their transformation have actually transformed his life too. He wanted to transform more lives, but guiding one by one was not the most effective way to help millions of people, instead of just thousands. Click and watch the Mini Course on Healing Asthma Holistically.

Online Video Course

Hence, leveraging his 16 years of experience in healing my asthma and helping all kinds of asthmatics from around the globe, he created a Mini Course and a Full Course which is a detailed step-by-step guide to healing any kind of asthma through 3 alternative therapies – Yoga, Ayurveda & Nutritional Therapy – that support each other.

Scientific Fitness - 14 Years

Since 2009, Ashish has been practising scientific nutrition daily, with one cheat day per week. Since then, he has also been regularly doing Gym Weight Training exercises as well as Freehand BodyWeight Exercises. With almost one and a half decades of experience, his expertise in these domains is practical. He has not just been at the pinnacle of his fitness for ages, but he has helped a lot of people achieve the same through natural and scientific physical fitness strategies.

Spiritual Seeker

Ashish has been trained in various spiritually inclined courses – Yoga in 2000, Art of Living (Basic Course) in 2001, Art of Living (Advanced Course) in 2002, Vipassana Meditation (Full Time 10-day Course) in 2003, Isha Yoga (Bhuta Shuddhi Course) in 2018 and Isha Yoga (Inner Engineering Course) in 2019 among others.

Mental Health

Ashish has been an avid reader since childhood. It started with reading self-help management books on success – driven more by materialism. Then it moved towards psychology – driven more by mental health. After reading hundreds of books on these topics by the best of the best authors, psychology met a dead end and no further answers could be found. Answers were needed because Ashish had gone deep into depression and for 3 long years was trying to dabble with the answers self-help or psychology was providing. But after a point, there was nothing the mind could offer. Something was amiss. There had to be answers. But where to find them?

Beyond Mind

That was the time, deep seeking increased manifolds. Why can’t the mind find all the answers? Because it is limited. Because you have a mind and a body, but you are not your mind or body. Who are you then? Why is there so much suffering? His bent of mind was spiritual which is clear from the courses he attended since 2000, but he needed a big blow of deep depression to really reach out for the true answers. Since 2015, Ashish’s spiritual growth has been exponential. He tries to wear the same hat everywhere. He tries to gel his spiritual learnings in his business, relationships and everywhere.

Master Key: Letting-go

The master key he found which he tries to practise every single day almost all the time is: letting-go or surrender or acceptance. He falters many a time and goes back to his old shortcomings, but he tries letting-go of them from deep within and then move ahead again. Ashish is a totally new human being before and after 2015, just because of this master key: letting-go! He tries to be aware every moment and let-go each and every attachment and fear as they arise. There’s a long road ahead. Thank you for reaching till the end of this page to know Ashish’s story. God bless everyone!