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Ashish was born after his 3 sisters to mother Kumud Rani and father Ajay Kumar. Ajay was a Mining Engineer working in Eastern Coalfields Limited, a subsidiary of Coal India Limited, one of the largest government organisations in India. These were the core family values – education, integrity, discipline, dignity and love!

Mother's Inspiring Education

Kumud was just Xth pass when she got married, but even in that era, with the support of Ajay, she completed her XIIth, Bachelors in Arts, Masters in Arts (Hindi), then double Masters in Arts (Political Science) and then LLB (Bachelor of Laws). She practised in the Dhanbad district court as an advocate for over a decade.

3 Successful Sisters

Ashish had 3 elder sisters. The entire family was brought up in the suburbs of Dhanbad, Jharkhand. To cut the long short, his sisters set examples of achievement in the field of education. The eldest sister, Dr. Seema, a NIFT Mumbai graduate, is working in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The 2nd sister, Shikha, a Civil Servant (IRPS officer) is working in Chennai, India. The 3rd sister, Shipra, an MBA graduate from Houston University, is working in Houston, Texas, USA.

IIT Delhi Engineer

Inspired by his sisters’ achievements, Ashish became an engineer from IIT Delhi in 2005. He has been running his own film production company RedAsh Films since 2007. It started in Delhi but moved to Mumbai, the temple of filmmaking, in 2012.

Wedding Bells

Ashish met Davi in mid 2016 and they dated for less than 10 months before they got married on 20th May 2017. Davi is an MBA graduate in Pharma Marketing and is working at a senior level in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India in the Data Analytics domain. She is born and brought up in Mumbai itself, contrary to the small-town upbringing of Ashish. However, they gel really well because their value system of integrity, love, respect and family values are in sync. 

Unconditional Support

Ashish’s filmmaking journey as an Actor and Filmmaker has been full of financial and emotional struggles. Davi is that one person who had maximum faith in his abilities. She not just supported him emotionally, but financially as well, and that too without any conditions. After Ashish got married to Davi, his life has been nothing short of a dream come true. His acting career saw a jump and the revenue of his company grew by 500% in just a few years after marriage. Not just that, his spiritual growth has been exponential making him wiser day after day. For Ashish, she’s ‘Lady Luck’ personified!

Mumbai Family

Davi and Ashish live happily in Lokhandwala, Andheri West, Mumbai. Ashish’s parents also come and stay with them on and off. This is a truly happy Indian family, modern in their outlook, rooted in their traditional Indian human values.


If you talk about things that are really close to his heart and spirit, it is ‘seeking’. Ashish seeks answers to deep Physical, Mental & Spiritual questions. If you want to know more about him in this regard, click – Seeker.