Ashish Lal did his B.Tech. in Civil engineering from IIT Delhi from 2001 to 2005. He worked in the corporate world for a few years before starting his own film production company, RedAsh Films.

On 22 November 2007, he founded RedAsh Films Private Limited, a film production company. For about 2 years, he managed it along with his job. On 24th July 2009, he burnt all his bridges, quit his job permanently and stepped full time into entrepreneurship. In 2012, RedAsh Films moved permanently to Mumbai, the hub of quality and professional filmmaking.

In these 15 years, under Ashish’s leadership, RedAsh Films has worked for top global companies such as United Nations, the British Govt, Govt. of India, GE, LG, Amazon, Bajaj, ITC, Mahindra, Samsung, Wellness Forever, Disprz, Bihar Government, Gujarat Government, Castrol, The Smart Cube, Schlumberger. RedAsh Films is a one-stop solution for all film production needs. It does end-to-end work – ideation, scripting, shooting, editing and animation.

RedAsh Films produces films in 3 categories – Corporate Films, Entertainment Films and Knowledge Films. Corporate Films division include any film made for corporate clients such as ad films, e-learning films, animated explained films, corporate AVs etc. Entertainment Films include any film made to entertain the audience such as Bollywood movies, feature films, short films, web series, TV series, music videos, documentary films etc.

When Filmmaking married Knowledge, Knowledge Films were born. RedAsh TV, launched on 30th August 2022, is the knowledge partner of RedAsh Films. RedAsh TV produces well-curated life-transforming video courses on asthma, physical fitness and mental health.