Ashish Lal

Founder Director, RedAsh Films
Engineer, IIT Delhi

Knowledge Entrepreneur, RedAsh TV (

Founder Director, RedAsh Films (

Engineer, IIT Delhi (

Actor, Writer & Filmmaker (IMDb Page)

Languages: English, Hindi, Maithili, Bengali & Urdu
Lived in: Mumbai (2012-Present), New Delhi, West Bengal & Jharkhand

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Selected Projects

Course Creator

Featured Online Video Course

Click to get FREE “Mini Course on Curing Asthma”

(created after 16 years of experience in curing own asthma completely, as well as helping thousands cure theirs, completely or significantly)

Lead Actor & Writer

Bollywood Film (English)

With Love, Delhi!
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(starring Ashish Lal, Pariva Pranati, Late Padma Shri Tom Alter, Seema Biswas & Kiran Kumar)

Lead Actor

TV Series (Hindi)

Chalo Saaf Karein

(starring Rashami Desai, Ashish Lal, Aruna Irani, Raghubir Yadav, Rakesh Bedi, Anita Raj, Himani Shivpuri etc.)

Lead Actor-Writer-Director

Amazon Prime Film (Hindi)

Main Tumhare Bachche ki Maa Banne Waali Hoon

(Amazon Prime Video link –

(starring Ashish Lal, Priyanka Panchal & Sadiya Azgar)

Lead Actor-Writer-Director

Amazon Prime Film (Short – Hindi)

No More #MeToo
(Amazon Prime Video link –

(starring Late Sejal Sharma, Ashish Lal, Sandeep Jain and Sanjeev Poonam Mishra)


Bollywood Film (Hindi & Gujarati)

Pagalpanti (Gujarati) / “Dil Bole India” (Hindi)
(Shot separately in both languages)

(starring Rahul Dev, Mukul Dev, Ali Asgar, Ashish Lal, Poorva Rana, Amanda Rosario etc.)


Advertisement (Hindi)


(for Rentomojo – a rental company)

Lead Actor-Writer-Director

Short Film (Hindi)

I Am Your Voice

(starring Ashish Lal and Jasleen Kaur Virk)


Web Series – Non-fiction (English)

Let’s Walk From Stress to Bliss (4th/last episode)

(featuring Ashish Lal, Sadiya Azgar, Ashutosh Matela and Aishwarya Sethi)

Actor (on Shaan’s Voice)

Music Video

Aaja Aaja Jaane Jaan

(featuring Ashish Lal & Apurva Lamba)


Dance Video

Group Dance on Azadi song of Gully Boy movie

(featuring Ashish Lal, Madhura Inamdar, Pralav Sharma, Abhijit Awasthi & Shakti Dan)

(all 5 trained in DPLC Batch 22 of Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute)

Lead Actor

Bollywood Film (Hindi – upcoming)

Stranger on Whatsap

(starring Homi Wadia, Ashish Lal, Sonu Chandrapal, Dinesh Lamba, Arman Tahil etc.)

Portfolio Pictures – Professional Actor


Some of the below mentioned ones are professional skills and some passionate hobbies.

Healing Asthma
Science of Wholesome Nutrition
Weight Training & Freehand Exercises
Teaching Physics/Maths for IIT-JEE
Cooking (North Indian)
Playing Percussion Instruments

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