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How I Cured My Incurable Osteoarthritis

I had osteoarthritis when I was a teenager, way back in 1999. Unfortunately the issue was in the backbone which is one of the most important parts of the body. Normally this disease happens at a much older age. I was categorically told by doctors of the best of the best hospitals that it can’t be cured completely, though pain can be reduced. I was suggested practice of physiotherapy exercises for that which I was regularly doing. It definitely helped a bit, but with time the pain only increased. I could not even sit for 5min in a particular posture. Sometimes the pain was so excruciating that I almost cried. I was suggested not to lift weight more than 5kg from ground. Also, I was asked by doctors to sit down in a squatting position and then pick up the object from the ground while keeping the back straight throughout. Living a normal life was becoming almost impossible and that too at such an early age.

Thankfully, after a few years of living with that growing pain, I found an alternative way and cured myself completely of osteoarthritis in about 2 years (around 2002-2004). I’ve absolutely no issue in my backbone since around 2005. Also, I do pretty heavy weight training in the gym since 2009. There’s not even an iota of the effect of osteoarthritis remaining in my body and it’s been several years now.

The cure primarily happened via regular practice of few Pranayamas (part of Yoga) which are different breathing exercises. There are a plethora of Pranayamas in Yoga, and specific ones are done for specific purposes. The video below (with English subtitles and Hindi narration) explains in detail the Pranayamas I did and how to do them.

I did these Pranayamas in this order with eyes closed from the beginning till the end:

  1. Kapalbhati – 500 counts
  2. Ujjayi – 100 counts
  3. Bhastrika – 300 counts (50 slow, 100 medium & 150 fast pace)
  4. Yoga Nidra in Shavasana – minimum 10 min

I’m sharing this not as an answer to how to cure osteoarthritis, but as an answer to how I cured my incurable osteoarthritis. I hope that what worked for me works for you as well. Try doing for at least 6 months regularly (at least 5 days a week) and then see how much effect they have on your body. Accordingly proceed further. If you try for less than 6 months, the period might be too less to judge whether they are effective on your body or not. This is not a substitute for doctor’s advice and medication, but is an add-on to that. Please consult your doctor before starting any Pranayama. I wish you a fit life free from any ailment. Stay blessed!

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