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Heal Yourself and Others – Not Hatred but Prayers

ANGRY? Pray for mental peace of the person you’re angry on.
HURT? Pray for relieving of pain of the other person as no happy person hurts others.
CHEATED? Pray that you get the ability to forgive and pray that the person who cheated you never gets cheated but always receives loyalty.
TORTURED? Pray that the one who did that get into such conditions that the person be happy and satisfied from deep within.
HATED? Pray that the one hating gets lot of love from people around.
EXPECTATIONS KILLED? Pray that the person killing them fulfil all heartfelt expectations from others.
It is not just related to me or you – each one of us have felt these emotions sometime or other in our lives. We all feel that our agonies are the most painful; however, somewhere someone has suffered more pain than us but is much more happier and peaceful than we are. There’s something that they’re thinking and doing different. Instead of fretting and crying on our problems, can we learn something from them? Deep within each one of us wants receive and spread love, wants to get and give respect, wants to feel the peace one derives out of doing good to others. However, some of us can do it, some can’t. It all boils down to reaching as close to that divinity that lies deep within us. How do we do it?
Cleansing the body and mind to prepare ourselves for the process, meditating to reach deep and then actually applying it to pray for others, even for those we don’t like or literally hate the most. Easy said than done but then nothing happens in a day. Sometimes the direction in which we move is more important than the pace at which we move.
When you are revengeful or brimming with hatred, the first person punished is you because of the stress it creates in your mind all the time; also probably you’ll be the one who’ll be punished the most and surely for the longest time. Revenge doesn’t cure the root cause of our psychological pain, prayers do, gradually but strongly.
Prayers are powerful. Definitely pray for people you love but if you want peace and happiness in your life, do not forget to pray for people you hate because your prayers for them will make your hatred die a slow death. And a heart full of love and no hatred is the most peaceful one. Stay blessed, my prayers for you!

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