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How I Cured My Incurable Asthma

I started having breathlessness issues around 2004 when I was doing my engineering at IIT Delhi (2001-2005). I did not understand that it was asthma and used to get rid of infrequent breathlessness by using cough syrup or taking some medication prescribed by a doctor. When I started working in the corporate world in 2005, then these attacks became more frequent. I could not sleep because the moment I used to lie down, breathing was impossible. A wheezing sound from my chest used to come almost throughout the day making natural breathing a hassle. I had to sleep keeping several pillows and making my upper body almost straight. Finally, I consulted a doctor at a very prestigious hospital. Several tests were done and it was found that I had severe asthma. I was asked to take inhalers, 2 puffs, 3 times a day i.e. 6 puffs a day. I was asked to come after 3 months.

When I went after 3 months, I was told that these inhalers need to be taken for my entire life if the issue persists. Also, I was told that there’s no proper cure for asthma, though the problem can be reduced with time. Since I had cured myself of osteoarthritis completely via alternative means, I decided to do my research and try alternative means again. Please note that I kept taking inhalers while practising alternative therapies. With time, as breathlessness issues decreased, the dosage of inhalers decreased as well.

Eventually, in 2.5 years I cured my severe, chronic and so-called incurable asthma completely, not needing any usage of inhalers or any other medication. Then I started helping thousands of people from different countries such as India, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Japan and many more. Most of them were extremely pained physically and stressed mentally, and some were almost suicidal, all because of this terrible disease.

I’ve seen that anybody who follows the methods for 6 months every single day, either cures their asthma completely (needing no medication) or significantly (needing significantly less medication). I helped them cure their asthma completely or significantly, and lead a happy and healthy life. I can’t express how emotional messages from thousands expressing their thanks for their transformation have actually transformed my life. I wanted to transform more lives but guiding one by one was not the most effective way to help millions of people, instead of just thousands.

Hence, after 16 years of experience in curing my asthma and helping all kinds of asthmatics from around the globe, I created a Mini Course and a Full Course which is a detailed step-by-step guide to healing any kind of asthma through 3 alternative therapies that support each other. The Full Course is named “Heal Asthma using Yoga, Ayurveda & Nutritional Therapy”. Before going for the Full Course, if you are interested, you should go for the FREE Mini Course on Curing Asthma. Click here or on the picture below to access the Mini Course. It’ll usher you into the journey of curing your asthma from its source. Stay fit. Stay blessed!

Mini Course on Healing Asthma Holistically
Want to learn about healing asthma holistically? Click on the picture.


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