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What will my blogs be about now?

I reached Mumbai on 9th January. 9 is my lucky number and as per Cheiro, people born on 3 precise dates of an year – 27th March, 9th April and 18th April – have extremely strong effect of number 9 in their life. Well I do not believe in it so much, but it is interesting. In fact, the train had to reach Mumbai on 8th but was over 12 years late and finally reached on 9th! Does that proof something? Hardly but it’s interesting for sure to take a note of every 9th, 18th and 27th of every month and tell stories ;)!
I’m staying here at my loving and caring Chacha-Chachi’s sweet home in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. I’ve started fixing appointments and meeting people who can help us directly or indirectly to arrange funds for our film.
In March 2009, Matte, Nikhil and I sat for about a month everyday full day long and wrote a film story. After that I wrote the Screenplay and Dialogues and resigned from my job after it was done. the film’s name is “Time Nahin Hai” (or TNH) and believe, it is an exceptional and an impactful and entertaining script! I’m in Mumbai to look for funding for this film TNH. In this film there are two lead roles, one of a young guy which I would play and one of 50+guy which some star would play, that’s the plan for now.

I’ll write my blogs about my journey to enter Bollywood without any connections at all! I always wanted to know in detail how exactly Amitabh Bachchan struggled in his early days or how SRK struggled – not the famous story but the precise details of their meetings and getting roles and everyday thing. I’m not saying I would become SRK or Big B but I can say that I would be no less than anybody in the Hindi Film Industry till date! Arrogant, Overconfident, Abhi samajh nahin hai ki hazaron log yehi soch ke Mumbai aate hain aur wapas chale jaate hain, koi Amitabh ki aulad hai tu kya, Hrithik jaisa hunk samajhta hai apne aapko kya, Shahid jaisa dance karte ho, Amitabh jaisi aawaz hai, SRK jaisa style aur energy hai, bahut mushkil hai aasan mat samjho, bahut dekhein hain aisi batein karney waale, Salman jaisi body hai, 6 packs abs bhi nahin hai aur baat karte ho, 4 crores kya mazak hai, kyun koi itna paisa lageyga naye actor aur pe ho hi nahin sakta, stars ki hi filmein chalti hain bhai, teenage time se 8 years ka acting experience hai to kya hua sirf acting se nahin hota…..blah blah blah blah blah, all the things that any ignorant non-high-achiever would say. As Sachin says – Let my bat do the talking, I say let me show the world what is possible through focus, planning, discipline and belief! Let me begin with my first steps and notice the baby steps, you’ll be able to judge whether Honhar Beervaan Ke Hot Chikne Paat mere liye suited hai ya nahin! But guys, at least encourage, every fool can discourage and tell you why it can’t be done but only a winner looks at how it can be – all things are difficult before they are easy! Let’s begin the journey in Bollywood knowing nobody at all in the industry, is it possible to be a lead actor in a Bollywood and that too this year itself? Let’s watch, this is [LIVE], get set go…

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