Lack of Focus on the Core Thing and Dream Stealers

Lack of Focus on the Core Thing When I was in a job (believe me, one of the finest moments in life is when you deliberately make the word “JOB” a past tense never to make it present again), I was in Business Analytics division where writing business reports after statistically analyzing the market research […]

What will my blogs be about now?

I reached Mumbai on 9th January. 9 is my lucky number and as per Cheiro, people born on 3 precise dates of an year – 27th March, 9th April and 18th April – have extremely strong effect of number 9 in their life. Well I do not believe in it so much, but it is […]

Who am I?

I’m Ashish Lal. By education, I’m a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi but presently I’m an Actor and am also heading a film production company. Strange, it might seem, but that’s the way it is. People ask me why film acting after IIT or did you not waste 4 years there? My only answer is “you […]