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Theatrical Trailer and Songs of WITH LOVE, DELHI!

Making a theatrical trailer, especially for a thriller, is no easy job. The primary reason why I would want to watch a movie is because of the theatrical trailer, more than the publicity and more than the stars involved. This makes editing a trailer all the more difficult. In 2 min flat you need to grab attention of the viewers who are overloaded with trailers and promos on TV and internet. Hope we’ve been able to come close to making an engaging trailer – we’ve got tremendous positive feedback on this trailer, hope you like it too. Here it goes:

Then comes the value of songs. Obviously, India is a “musical” country – whereas many people just criticize the song and dance sequences in our film, I think they’re beautiful and they make us unique. One 5min song can cover a thousand scenes. Obviously when songs are stuffed for no reason then it doesn’t make any sense. We decided on not being illogical and hence had only 2 songs in our 97min slick film – one background song and the other a promotional music video.

Here goes our promotional music video sung by the superstar singer Shaan and Sarika. This is a 3D Live Animation Music Video and anybody who understands the detailing and the work involved in making such a video would know its worth. It is a matter of courage for the Director, Ashutosh Matela, to even think of making such a video. Yes, it’s pretty costly video and it took 8months of intensive work by Matte and his huge team to make this possible. Hope you like it.

Here goes the video of the background song – Catch Me If U Can. This rock song has been sung by the ultimate rockstar Suraj Jagan who had sung superhits like Give me some sunshine (3 Idiots), Zehreley Zehreley (Rock On!!), Jaa Chudail (Delhi-Belly) and so on and so forth. Catch the video here.

However, the above video is only for partial song. The guitar parts in the song which really sets the tone for rock music is missing in the video. Here goes the complete audio of the song beautifully composed by the Music Director Sanjoy Chowdhury. Lyrics for both the songs have been written by Amitabh Varma who had written beautiful lyrics for songs like Alvida Alvida (Life in a Metro) etc.


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