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Shooting from Tomorrow for My First Feature Film as a Lead Actor!

Yes, dreams do come true and nothing is impossible! Here I am sitting in front of my VAIO penning down my feelings for first day shoot of my first feature film as a Lead Actor! A couple of years back, most people loved my determination but only a handful actually believed (you could see it in their eyes) that I could do it and yes, I have done it with the support of people you can die for – Matte, Nikhil, Manav, Anurag, Capt. Jaswant, Sanjay, Rajiv, Amod and a few others (forgive me if I have missed out on any name). Was thinking of writing this blog a little earlier but was too busy to do anything other than managing production and other things. However, if I do not write today, I’ll miss this historic day of my life – from tomorrow, my lifetime career as a Lead Film Actor begins!

Since I got to sleep asap (Actors ko time pe sona chahiye…aur heera bhi ;), I’m just jotting down some info about our film in bulleted format:

  • About Film
    1. Name – WITH LOVE, DELHI!
    2. Budget – Can’t write now but at par with Bollywood Movies like LSD, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Rock On!! etc., obviously about a few crores
    3. Duration – 100min
    4. Language -English (Will be dubbed in other languages as well)
    5. Genre – Intelligent Thriller (When IITans write, it ought to be intelligent, hi hi :)) )
    6. Shooting Ends – Early September 2010
    7. Release Date – By about February 2011
  • Key Cast

      • Ashish Lal (Me, Myself, Myrene :)) )

      • [Hush hush, Lead Actress under wraps for now…extremely talented and cute actress!]

    • Key Crew
      1. Producer – Ashish Lal, Ashutosh Matela and Manav Vigg
      2. Banner – RedMat Reves Films Pvt. Ltd.
      3. Director – Nikhil Singh (Apna jhakaas darling, IITan and Film School USCite)
      4. Associate Director – Fazal Mehmood (All the Best, U Me Aur Hum etc. –
      5. Cinematographer – Sethu Sriram (Salman Khan’s Wanted and Tere Naam, Nana Patekar’s Shakti and many more –
      6. Background Score and Music – Sanjoy Chowdhury (Background Music for Jab We Met, A Wednesday, Zinda, Sarfarosh etc. –
      7. Associate Producer – Ravi Sarin (Rang De Basanti, Peepli Live, Chak De India, Delhi 6, Veer Zaara and 120+ movies –
      8. Editor – Namrata Rao (Vishal Bhardwaj’s Ishqiya, Dibakar Banerji’s Oye Lucky Lucky Oye and LSD and Yash Raj’s Band Baaja Baraat –
      9. Story – Ashish Lal and Nikhil Singh
      10. Screenplay and Dialogues – Nikhil Singh
    Lots to write as to how things materialized but I think will do that once I am done with shooting. I remember I wished on birthday of one of IIT friends I hardly could talk to and pat came the reply that “I have been reading your blogs regularly though do not post comments, keep up the good work and all the best!”. Similar statements from all corners would keep coming every now and then. So for all those who have ever read any of my blogs, you did not waste your time, it was not just hi-fi talks, I have done it! Of course, miles to go…………thanks everyone for your support. I can’t explain how excited I am, the biggest dream of my life begins to come true from tomorrow. Dreams do come true, any dream! 
    Silence on the set, lights, sound, camera rolling, ACTION…… words are sweeter to me than these :)! Cheers!

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