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365 Days of Leaving Job for my Dream!

Yes, today, the 25th of July last year was the first day after I left my job for my dreams – I was a free bird with loads of dreams and tons of risks – the one and only surety was my belief in myself and that my focus would never shake, nothing else was sure. Yeah, we know, all the philosophy and sheer motivational talks, talk about achievements dude. Financially by Feb end I was a broke with not even a penny left to survive. However, credit card was the savior for some time and after that I did a couple of documentary projects as Producer for our roti-kapda-aur-makaan for some time and then Universe conspired, I always believed it does, always, if you’ve unshakable faith.

Remember I talked about this unshakable subconscious faith that there is always a solution to a problem. So here came the solution…

Manav Vigg, a Chartered Accountant by profession (worked for 7 years in Fidelity, Citi Financial, Cadburys etc.), had got in touch with Anurag, my friend and ex-boss through a website regarding “Time Nahin Hai” financing. When I came back from Mumbai, we met. Manav always wanted to be a Writer-Director, had also tried his hand at writing, struggled for some time in Mumbai and then gave in to corporate life to pursue dreams when time comes. The time came! To cut short the details, Manav met all of us at RedMat and finally he came up with a good plan for the biggest project for us. I was pleasantly shocked and my seriousness knew no bounds when Manav got so much faith instilled that he quit his lucrative 7 years corporate Chartered Accountant job in a couple of months after meeting us for the first time. The project included two parts, one part has been postponed for now, so I would talk only about the other part.

The other part’s idea was to make a 75-90min film in English language on tourism in Delhi of pretty good budget. Well, I added a bit more to this – why not make a full fledged fiction thriller feature film of over 90min and have such a story that we need to cover all the monuments as part of the story rather than making a boring tourism documentary! Intelligent idea but tough to write. Anyways, we did it! Nikhil and I wrote the story and Nikhil wrote the screenplay and dialogues. We both sat together, edited it several times before finalizing a crisp thriller never made before. I named the movie – WITH LOVE, DELHI! We registered a new company in the name of RedMat Reves ( with new partners added to it, Manav being one of them.

For the last 60days, we have been working day in and day out for this project – on the script, finances, production etc. Presently we’re in the process of finalizing the entire cast and crew. There are few very experienced and celebrity names in cast (especially in the Villain’s powerful role) as well as crew who have agreed and some who might in a couple of weeks.

Have I given up on TNH? Absolutely not, I never give up on anything I believe in, and for those who dig deeper into my line, I don’t give up on my belief as well ;). So how does this movie WLD help us make TNH? In fact, nothing can help us more than this step – I’m the Lead Actor of the movie and our company is producing the film which is pretty decent budget (few crores) thriller film to show to investors who might be willing to invest now that they can see our company’s production capabilities and my acting skills in a proper commercial styled thriller movie! No more saying “We can do it”, instead we’ll say – “We’ve done it”! Moreover, we might even have good distribution deals so much so that we might be able to invest ourselves into TNH from WLD profits. One might ask “Who knows?” – nobody does but I believe and you know I don’t give up on my belief :))! Also, in the process of arranging finances for WLD, we have been able to get in touch with few quite affluent and influential people to whom we as a company can be financially profitable and who for us can be an asset on a long term basis with respect to finances and other aspects of entering into Bollywood.

There’s some great news to share regarding the cast, crew and production quality of the movie WITH LOVE, DELHI! However, I will wait for a week or so to be able to finally post some great news on my next blog! Believe me, all my well-wishers will be the happiest for me when they know the real details :). Can’t tell you how excited I am that in 365 days of quitting job, finally our company RedMat is making a good budget thriller feature film in which I’m the Lead Actor-Producer-Writer, and it is all set to go on shooting floor from early August and be done with shooting by September – not a bad achievement in an year, is it? Cheers!

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  1. @Wicked (I’m sure you’re not ;)…is this Bhatia, your profile is not available to view): Thanks a lot man, these kinds of lines are such a fuel (rocket fuel buddy) one can’t even imagine…thanks once again!

    @Manish: Aadawarz hai janab, dhanyavaad!

  2. Hi Ashish,
    This is Vivek here childhood friend of Nikhil.
    We both were classmate in school and stayed in same hostel.We both were introduced to drama and plays at a very young age. Nikhil attended my wedding in June and we met after long long time,though we could not talk much.

    I was just reading through your blogs and found it really inspiring.I read all of them.The way you are able to transform your thoughts into words is just amazing.

    you guys are living example of the saying “jaha chah waha raah”

    My heartiest wishes to you and everyone associated with this dream.

    all the best.

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