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With Love, Delhi! – An Actor’s Shooting Experience

As mentioned in my last blog “Baby Elephant and the Iron Chains”, when the D-Day comes you don’t feel the goose bumps as you used to feel when you visualized your D-Day. The same happened with me – so much struggle, roller coaster ride of depression and ecstasy, people trying to pull you down, meticulous planning, execution, keeping your focus and confidence intact and what not to finally reach the day when my first feature film as a Lead Actor began – 14th August, 2010. You never forget your first love, first kiss and the first time you made love, do you? I’ve close friends with loads of affairs but though it’s not important now for them, without even realizing they’ll frequently keep talking about their first love. With Love, Delhi! is my 1st love so to say, my 1st Superhit will be my 1st kiss and my 1st all time blockbuster will be like making love ;), not that these three can’t be with WLD, it’s just that I don’t know!

So 14th August will remain in my memory forever I suppose. Matte, my dearest friend was one of 3 producers, Manav, a great friend and a person & another one of the producers, Nikhil whom I had directed in quite a few plays in IIT days was directing me, my sister from NIFT, Seema Kumar was the fashion designer, my Mom had come on the Muhurta Puja to bless us and so many awesome experienced cast and crew from Bollywood, it was indeed a beautiful moment, a dream come but now the moment to act had started, act in the literal sense also :))!
Let me talk about my co-actors, all those who will be seen on the screen. Obviously I would begin with the female lead, Pariva Pranati. We had gone for auditions for female lead to Mumbai and had auditioned about 70 actresses, most having done loads of ads, serials, south films and even Hindi films; however, Pariva was undoubtedly the best among all – confident acting and very beautiful – what else do you want from an actress!

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