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Mumbai wrap-up and Delhi calling…

Came back to Delhi over a month back after being in Mumbai for about 45 days, summary

Summary of my 45 days stay in Mumbai:
  • Emailed every known person to give reference to anyone they knew who could invest or who had any connection in film industry
  • Met many people, from writers, designers, executive producers, investment company owners, media people, directly meeting big production houses like Yash Raj and UTV, branding companies etc.
  • Realized that it is better to go to Delhi and find private investors to invest in our first film rather than meet film investors here in Mumbai

The entire period was sometimes frustrating, sometimes depressing and sometime inspiring but overall it was a good part of my life, thrown myself in the pool to learn swimming :)! I’ve this God’s gift that there is a deep seated strong belief inside me which says 365days 24×7 that every problem, no matter what, has a solution and it’s just a matter of finding it! Just because I can’t find a solution doesn’t mean there isn’t any. This belief since early childhood helps me keep on and on and I’ll move back to Delhi and then keep on, there must be a solution…

In last month, I met few private investors in Delhi, hope to find some investor soon. All investors are through some friends or family since I’ve been in Delhi for quite sometime now. Let us see what happens.

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