Heal Yourself and Others – Not Hatred but Prayers

ANGRY? Pray for mental peace of the person you’re angry on. HURT? Pray for relieving of pain of the other person as no happy person hurts others. CHEATED? Pray that you get the ability to forgive and pray that the person who cheated you never gets cheated but always receives loyalty. TORTURED? Pray that the […]

“I’m in Love”

Remember the moment when you were in your teens and your friend came up to you with a wide grin on his/her face and broke out this beautiful news – “I’m in love!” You then wanted to know everything that happened before those three golden words “I love you” were spoken – when they met […]

Ever Heard This Before – “I’ve many great story ideas”

One of my acquaintances long time back said – “I’ve an awesome idea for a film, it’ll be a huge blockbuster for sure but people just don’t value real talent. They’re just making crap movies, huh.” He actually narrated me the idea and it was really good. He also described to me a couple of […]

Weather Cribbers

I’ve met several ‘Weather Cribbers’ so to say: – In summer, their main topic of cribbing would be heat and sweat and will wait for rains – In rainy season, it would be water logging, dampness and road blocks and will wait for winter – In winter, it would be about such low temperature, sardi-khansi, […]

Writing Blog in the ishtyle of Amitabh Bachchan, my Guru Dronacharya

Do you know that probably Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is the only man who has been writing his blog every single day, without exception, for last 1886 days. I know you’re dividing that by 365 so let me do the maths for you. It’s about 5 years and 2 months! I always believe that anybody who […]

Talaash Review

Was waiting for this movie for over half a year now. Why? Because there is an immense amount of trust in Aamir Khan’s choice of films, in spite of the fact that I don’t love all his films, case in point being Ghajini. I very firmly believe that one should be a die-hard fan which […]

मेरी प्यारी मंजिल

मेरी प्यारी मंजिल, हर सुबह उठ वही सपना देखता हूँ, फिर कुछ मील उस ओर चलता हूँ; कल सुबह फिर वही सपना देखूंगा मैं, मंजिल कब तक दूर रह पाओगी तुम, बाँहों में तुम्हे जल्द ही भरूँगा मैं। तुम्हारा ही लाल 🙂

Dreams do come true!

Today is an emotional day for me. Even though not coming from a rich, political or filmy background, the dream to enter Bollywood as a Lead Actor has finally come true! It has been possible due to support of so many people and obviously the key guys are – Matte and Manav – without whom […]