Don’t be Proud of Anything

This idea might attack your basic attitude towards life, but just give it a read with an open mind. Even if you disagree, it’s perfectly fine. ‘Pride’ is something that is instilled in children as it’s considered virtuous – pride for family, surnames, religion, caste, state, gender etc. Whenever one has to address a community, […]

Punctuality Through Technology

This is my latest Vlog on YouTube – “Punctuality Through Technology” – with its complete transcript here on my blog. You can also choose to view captions in the video also if interested. Hi. I am Ashish Lal. There are many people in this world who are frequently late and are always ready with genuine […]

9MM Program to Become Your Best Self

This is my new Vlog on becoming our best self by using the 9mm program. This has been uploaded on youtube. Embedding it here on my blog with the complete transcript of the video in case someone wants to read it as well.   TRANSCRIPT OF THE ENTIRE VIDEO Hi. This is Ashish Lal. Today we’ll talk […]

Myth busting secrets about IITians

Originally answered by me on Quora –   AVERAGE STARTING SALARY PACKAGE IS NOT 30–40 LAKHS PER ANNUM, IT’S MUCH MUCH LOWER: Yes, there are few who are offered over a crore as their first salary but the average (excluding the extremely high and extremely low salaries – yes, that’s the statistically correct way to find the […]

What are the most overrated things in life?

Originally answered by me on Quora – 1. A CORPORATE JOB especially when a woman does it – job is a 20th century invention. Earlier men worked like idiot blind rats all their life in a job they mostly did not like while women did the more aesthetic and fulfilling things like nurturing a […]

“Who gave this fine technique called Meditation to the world?”

This question was asked on Quora, I thought of putting my answer ( here also as a blog post because this question brings out many important points that modern day people would want to know. I don’t know much but will try to express myself in the way I do. Please share your opinion on […]

Your best friend is your closest soulmate

I’ve been blessed with many caring and loving friends and relatives. They’re always there whenever u need them and otherwise as well. When passing through difficult phases in my life, they take out time from their busy schedules, call me, listen to me and shower their love. Some say they care, some are not so […]

Met a dramatic roadside ‘Misri’ Baba 15 minutes back!

15 minutes back while I was walking back home from an audition, a pandit sitting on the road’s pavement in the Sab TV Lane, Andheri West, called me. He said a few things about me (all the generic nonsense) and said that he wanted to have tea. I gave him 10 bucks. Then he made […]

An ‘Honest’ Story

Part of a story I recently wrote; after reading this small part (can’t share anything more, you can fill in the blanks yourself and judge), would you go for this book/movie? ————————————————————————————- “My honesty is not dependent upon you – not on whether you give me enough space, not on whether you create good enough […]