I had two of the so-called incurable diseases – osteoarthritis and asthma. I cured myself of both of them. No, I haven’t had any other serious medical issue ever and for years I’ve been living a super-fit life.

In my previous blog post – “How I Cured My Incurable Osteoarthritis“, I’ve enumerated what I did to be able to completely get rid of osteoarthritis. This post is about what I did to cure myself of asthma.

I started having breathlessness issues when I was doing my engineering from IIT Delhi from 2001-2005. I did not understand that it was asthma and used to get rid of infrequent breathlessness by using cough syrup or taking some medication prescribed by a doctor. When I started working in the corporate world from 2005, then these attacks became more frequent. I could not sleep because the moment I lied down, breathing was impossible. Wheezing sound from my chest used to come almost throughout the day making natural breathing a hassle. I had to sleep keeping several pillows and making my upper body almost straight. Finally I consulted a doctor of a very prestigious hospital. Several tests were done and it was found that I had acute asthma. I was asked to take inhalers, 2 puffs, 3 times a day i.e. 6 puffs a day. I was asked to come after 3 months.

When I went after 3 months, I was told that these inhalers need to be taken for entire life if the issue persists. Also, I was told that there’s no proper cure for asthma, though the issue can be reduced with time. Since I had cured myself of osteoarthritis completely via alternative means, I decided to do my research and try alternative means again. Please note that I kept taking inhalers while practising alternative therapy. With time, as breathlessness issues decreased, the dosage of inhalers decreased and within 2-2.5 years, the issue got cured by almost 95%.

The alternative therapy consisted of doing a set of Pranayamas (part of Yoga) and consuming organic food supplements. This video explains in details the exact Pranayamas I used to do and how anyone should do them.

I did these Pranayamas in this order with eyes closed from the beginning till the end:

  1. Kapalbhati – 500 counts
  2. Anulom Vilom – 250 counts
  3. Bhastrika – 300 counts (50 slow, 100 medium & 150 fast pace)
  4. Yoga Nidra in Shavasana – minimum 10 min

The organic food supplements I took were (please consult your doctor & nutritionist before taking them):

  1. Multivitamin (daily)
  2. Soy protein powder (daily)
  3. Vitamin C (daily)
  4. Echinacea (3 days dosage once or twice a month)
  5. Ginseng (about 10 days a month or when required)
  6. Vitamin B (about 10 days a month or when required)

I took these for 2-2.5 years (till around 2008) till my asthma almost got cured due to this and primarily due to Pranayamas. After that, I only consumed multivitamin and protein till 2011.  Since 2012, I haven’t taken any supplements at all, but have very healthy and balanced diet daily. However, I keep practising Pranayamas (the ones suggested and sometimes other Pranayamas as well) regularly as it helps me stay fit in general.

I’m sharing this not as an answer to how to cure asthma, but as an answer to how I cured my incurable asthma. I hope that what worked for me works for you as well. Try doing for at least 6 months regularly (at least 5 days a week) and then see how much effect they have on your body. Accordingly proceed further. If you try for less than 6 months, the period might be too less to judge whether they are effective on your body or not. This is not a substitute for doctor’s advice and medication, but is an add-on to that. Please consult your doctor before starting any Pranayama. I wish you a fit life free from any ailment. Stay blessed!


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